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 Our philosophy

Exultet has special appeal as it is a real place, authentically growing grapes in the most extreme climate for Vinifera grapes in the world, with real people – a family, not a corporation, making REAL wines from HERE, not trucked in from hundreds of kilometers somewhere else, or from overseas as either purchased grapes or finished wines for blending.  That is RARE and a HUGE difference!

Exultet chooses to make wine from 100% Prince Edward County grapes because our vineyard has proven its uniqueness.  That’s why not all wines are created equal.  Others don’t share our opinion – that’s cool. Our choice is to go against popular worldly trends.  Our appeal is to those who do care and are interested in the meaningful.  Some care, others care less…

In our commercialized world there are increasingly consumers searching out the real thing, Exultet, for authentic products and experiences and a real brand.

Our vineyards are irreproducible with soil, limestone, a presence and personality that cannot be copied or transplanted elsewhere.  Exultet’s choice to make wine the low tech, traditional ways are the responsible thing to do for the environment and more importantly the people in it.  That’s why we have chosen to refit a cheese factory, which we have had historically designated as our winery, since there is no smaller carbon footprint than to recycle and reuse an existing building, especially one built in the early 1870’s.

The nature of true grapes from Prince Edward County is low production, high costs, severe weather, but a character not easily overlooked by true lovers!  Lasting choices may not be popular or worldly, but our choice to locate in this unique place and make wines that exult has made a difference to us and fortunately to those consumers who care.