Step into the light.

Rejoice…in Exulting wine


Exultet: (Latin) song of rejoicing. Joy and praise for wines that are transcendent and meaningful, emerging from darkness. Timeless and eternal, our wines are products of our unique terroir, not to be imitated. They are pure and true expressions of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Located in the most southern portion of Prince Edward County, a centuries’ old farm, formerly including a dairy operation, cheese factory, and apple orchard, has been resurrected to a new life, enriched with flowering grapevines and aging wines.

Vineyards first planted in 2004 are nurtured on limestone rich soils in view of Lake Ontario. The hand-tended and hand-picked fruit are grown with organic materials when possible and minimal chemical use. Soil, climate, and geography come together to produce identifiable wines, unique in quality and expression.

Taste and See...